Summer is coming to an end and after many of us have enjoyed a break, it’s time to focus on the next quarter and that includes getting your website in check. And as people start to migrate indoors again, businesses can really benefit from a good-looking and responsive website. 
Here’s how our websites can help your business grow online! 
Results-Driven Websites 
Our websites can be edited based on real data gathered from visitors to get rid of things that don’t work and include more things that do. This means you and your customers are always getting the best out of your bespoke site! 
Search Engine Optimised (SEO) 
A website built by us will always be high up in SEO rankings, meaning it’ll appear higher in results on search engines like Google. This is essential in making sure your website is easy to find for current and potential customers. What’s more, Google are changing the way they rank results (, giving it a speed-orientated focus. Our websites will keep ahead of these changes meaning your business will still be easy to find online. 
Look Good on Every Device 
No matter how you access our websites, they will always look good. Whether it’s on a phone, computer, TV, games console or tablet, our websites automatically detect the best way to display so nobody misses out on the full experience. 
Extra Bits You Don’t Get Everywhere 
Sometimes it’s the little things that make the difference. That’s why our websites come with a free domain name which is covered for life. You can get five business email addresses of your choice to match your site. No more Hotmail or Gmail on your website will help build your credibility! 24/7 monitoring makes sure your website is always performing at its best and stays online for your customers to visit. 
If your business can benefit from any of the above, please do get in touch and book your website health check so we know how to help! 
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