Your website can be reached by a huge audience which is almost certain to be diverse in its needs. 1 in 7 people in Ireland have a disability and this could affect how they can or cannot use your website. Everyone who visits your website should have the right to an excellent experience, no matter their impairment. This is why it’s important for your website to be accessible and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) compliant. 
There are three levels of WCAG: 
Level A – The basic requirements needed for your website to be accessible to some users. This focuses on fixing critical accessibility issues. 
Level AA – This will ensure your website is accessible to almost all users who visit by covering important accessibility issues. 
Level AAA – The highest level means your website is accessible to all users, but it is very difficult to meet all of the strict requirements. 
To be compliant, there are a few different areas that your website will need to keep up to scratch on including content, design and programming. Whilst most of these should have been looked after by your web designer, it’s worth checking exactly what you still need to do on your end. Things you need to do will usually relate to your content. When editing your site, you will need to make sure that any content meets accessibility requirements. 
Here is a list of requirements for both Level A and Level AA, on which we have highlighted what we’ll do for you. 
Our team of experts ensure that your website reaches WCAG compliance by offering cost-effective, reliable and polished web design services for all kinds of businesses in and around Dublin. We’ll look after most of your accessibility requirements for you too, meaning you have more time to focus on running your business! 
Having an accessible website increases your audience and, therefore, your customer base. If people can’t use your website, that’s losing potential customers before they even have the chance to make their mind up about you. Being and staying accessible doesn’t just benefit people with access needs, it benefits you too! 
For a website that is, and remains, accessible to its visitors, get in touch! 
For any more advise on all this web call me on 087 2413 232 email me on or visit the website 
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