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It’s possible that you may have tried building your own website and had an absolute nightmare. The next logical step would be to get someone to help you build it. This can be make or break for you and your business. 
It may be a match made in heaven and your web designer is everything you wanted them to be and more. However, you may get your website built and think that your 94-year-old grandmother could have done a better job. 
You may even be over the moon with the design but as soon as you want something updating, it’s easier to get blood from a stone than help from your web guy. We understand how frustrating this can be so we’re passionate about being the web developers you can trust and are desperate for you to see a return on your investment into your online presence. That’s why we work closely with local Irish businesses as we understand what is best for them better than some guy in an attic halfway across the world. 
We never want you to say “let me just ask my web guy” with trepidation and wondering if the work will ever get done. We want you to say it with confidence knowing that you’ll get a fast, professional and helpful response. 
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Here are some useful questions to ask your web designer to see if they’re really up to the job. 
1. What research will you do on our business? 
They should have already done some research before your meeting, but the answer should be a mixture of researching your industry, your current online presence and what you want. We’re in a unique position at it’seeze Web Design Dublin as we’re a local business just like you. That means we’re more likely to already know a bit about your business from word of mouth or maybe from even using your business before. We always take the time to get to know you before diving in. 
2. How long will it take to build my website? 
Although this differs from client to client, they should be able to give a rough estimate based on your needs. We will always be transparent and give you estimates that are realistic but as quick as possible for work. This may not be as fast as some developers as we take the time to build each website from scratch rather than using templates shared with hundreds of other websites. This is all part of our commitment to your business that we want to see thrive. Websites are not a one size fits all matter as businesses are so different from one another. 
3. Do I need to supply my own content? 
A lot of developers aren’t writers so most of the time the answer will be yes. And although we do provide content services at an extra cost, we will always recommend you provide your own content. This adds to the credibility and authenticity of your business and helps you stand out from your competitors. If a customer is looking for a baker, for example, and they come across five websites but four of them are using the same stock images, they’ll be more inclined to trust the one using their own images. You are the best person to supply content for your business. Who knows your business as well as you? Include customer testimonials, before and afters (if possible), processes, your team and you’ll be edging ahead of competitors before you know it. 
For a web designer who you can trust, who really gets to know you and your business, who is always at the other end of the phone and who knows how to boost online visibility for Dublin businesses, look no further. 
Here at it’seeze Web Design Dublin, we can offer you affordable and effective website design services that will take your business further. Get in touch with our friendly team today to find out more about how we can help you grow your business online with great web design and ongoing support. 
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