The whole point in having a website is so potential and existing customers can find information about your business and even purchase your goods and services online. If they struggle to find your website, they’re more likely to go to a business with a better online presence. A study by Backlinko shows that 75.1% of clicks go to the top three organic* results. This means, the higher you rank in Google, the more likely your website will be visited which opens you up to more business. 
However, obtaining a higher ranking may not be as easy as it once was as Google are changing their ranking algorithm (we know, more jargon, sorry!). One of the main focuses is on the speed of your website. If your website is unresponsive, it will be ranked lower than those faster websites. There’s not an awful lot than be done about this when it fully kicks in at the end of winter as just a 1% reduction in site traffic could result in a significant loss of income. That’s why we’re giving you plenty of notice so your business can stay ahead of the changes and not be affected when the time comes. 
Your website may load up quickly, making you think there’s nothing wrong with it but it’s still important to book in a website health check with us. We’ll be able to discover things that the everyday user may not notice but those pesky ranking algorithms certainly would. Our motto is “helping your business grow” and we simply wouldn’t be doing our jobs if we didn’t make you aware of these changes and help you stay ahead of them. Get in touch today to keep your online presence safe! 
*An organic result is a free listing that appears because it’s relevant to the user’s search. This does not include paid advertisements. 
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