It goes without saying that the past year has completely changed the way most of us do business. We’re spending more time in virtual meetings and trading online as we continue to work from home until, well, we’re not too sure when. And that’s the main point we’re making here. We simply don’t know when businesses will reopen in Ireland so this way of working will continue until the summer at least. Without wanting to sound too negative, if your business fails to adapt now, it may fail to stay afloat. Thankfully, we can assist you in creating or updating your online store to keep your business going through this difficult period. 
Here are some great benefits of setting up an online shop: 
Anytime, Anywhere 
A physical shop is limited by its opening hours and by its geographical location, but move that store online and customers have access to your goods and services 24/7 from wherever they are in the world. Talk about a great way of branching out to new customers! 
We’re by no means telling you that an online store is a replacement for your physical shop, but it can be a great supplement to your income, particularly during these extended periods of closure, and help you reach customers you otherwise couldn’t have. 
Instant Updates 
We pride ourselves on building beautiful websites that are very easy to edit so if you need something updating, it can be done in a flash. This can range to anything from adding new products, to creating special offers and letting customers know when something is out of stock. 
Normally, this is something that may take days or weeks of planning ahead and then even more time to place out new stock and put up signage. With a website, changes are instant and can be done whenever you like. 
This invaluable information can help you shape your online store towards those who use it the most. You’re able to see what time of day, week, and month your website is most visited, where your visits are from (search engine, social media etc.), where in the world your site is most popular, what products gain the most interest and so much more! 
This is all great information that you can’t necessarily get in your shop whilst you’re busy doing other things. This will help you tailor your online shop to your target audience and discover where you might need to improve. 
Setting up an ecommerce website is certainly worth the investment so your business can continue to trade on the high street long into the future. An online shop is also great to have up and running in the background, just in case we’re ever forced into closure again! We don’t want our local, independent shops to be replaced with large chains and global online stores so please, keep supporting local businesses so we don’t lose the heart and soul of our towns and cities. The best way to do this is to contact your favourite independent businesses who aren’t currently trading online and point them in our direction. We’d love to help boost their income! 
If you’re an Irish business who is struggling with moving online or simply wants an ecommerce website refresh, get in touch today. You may be eligible for a grant of up to €2,500 to develop the ecommerce capability of your website! 
Here at it’seeze Web Design Dublin, we can offer you affordable and effective website design services that will take your business further. Get in touch with our friendly team today to find out more about how we can help you grow your business online with great web design and ongoing support. 
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