This year has been a seriously steep learning curve for many businesses in Ireland, especially those who haven’t been trading for more than a year or two! So, whilst things have been difficult, there are some valuable lessons to take into 2021 that could help the future look so much brighter for you and your business. 
Understanding that the world has changed, in some ways forever, means that you also need to start planning for a slightly different future. 
While ecommerce and mobile browsing were already on the increase in most industries, the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent periods of lockdown have further enhanced the necessity to cater to both these facilities. It’s no longer enough to say “my website works fine on a mobile” – it must excel! People have no time for non-responsive websites anymore, and if your site isn’t cutting the mustard, they will simply flick back to their search engine results and visit a competitor’s website instead – never to return. 
If you have a nice-looking website, that’s great – but it’s also only half the battle. Gone are the days where your site is just a “shop window” designed to get people to call or email you – your visitors now expect to be able to read all about your products or services and, most importantly, buy them online! 
If your business sells physical products, the future is very likely going to be decided by how good the ecommerce aspect of your website is. People’s shopping habits are different now, and it’s vital that you don’t allow your business to get left behind. Your site needs to offer clear product descriptions, prices, shipping information and returns processes. The journey from landing page to order confirmation page needs to be as simple and smooth as possible, with a trustworthy payment gateway used to collect payments. 
If your business is service-based rather than product-based, it’s still essential that visitors to your website can complete all the key actions they’d expect to be able to online. This could mean anything from a live diary system to book an appointment simply and easily, to a shop page where they can access and buy your catalogue of e-learning materials. 
Don’t forget – the Trading Online Voucher Scheme is still available and can help your business take confident strides towards a successful 2021. At it’seeze Web Design Dublin, our friendly team are also here to help, so why not contact us or give us a call on 01 441 0529 to find out more about our affordable web design packages and the ongoing support we can offer you. 
2021 promises to be an exciting, challenging, and different year for many businesses – but in the meantime we hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and Happy New Year! 
If you would like to know more about how a professionally designed and effective website from it'seeze Web Design Dublin can benefit your business, get in touch with our friendly team
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