‘The website that it’seeze created for us looks fantastic - much more modern, engaging and eye-catching than the previous site. The service was also spot on. The site was created and up and running within a couple of weeks. It has boosted the number of visitors that have booked online. There have also been no issues with keeping it up to date – the editor is really intuitive and super easy to use.’ 
Claire Hersant - BNI Chapter President of BNI Diamond. 
The client 
Business Network International (BNI) is the world’s largest and most successful business referral and networking organisation. Currently, BNI has over 9,500 chapters in 74 countries. Altogether, these have an incredible 270,000+ members. Each BNI chapter organises meetings in its local area. Attendees are generally business professionals looking to network, share ideas, and learn from each other. All chapters meet once a week. 
Only one profession or specialty may be represented in each chapter. For example, while multiple lawyers can join a chapter, each has to have a different area of specialism. This system helps to keep chapters diverse and ensures a broad range of expertise 
‘The purpose of each BNI website is to attract new members to the local chapter. The larger the local network of business people, the more diverse, useful, and interesting the meetings will be. This meant that the websites we built for the organisation needed to have both a local and international feel. This would allow them to represent both the chapter and the main organisation. 
“We wanted to create websites to market each Chapter to the local business community with the primary purpose of growing the Chapter’s membership, encouraging visitors, and educating local businesses about BNI and its successful networking philosophy.”  
Barry Muir - it'seeze designer 

The website 

BNI chapters often approach it’seeze to build a new site because their previous web presence is outdated. Old websites can be difficult to navigate and hard to edit. By creating a new site and using a new editor, we’re able to significantly improve the usability of BNI sites and give chapters the ability to update content whenever they want. 
All BNI websites need to have a distinctly professional appearance. This helps to keep all chapters on brand and inspires confidence in those visiting their local chapter’s website. Using the organisation branding throughout also reinforces the brand identity and creates cohesion between different sites. 
We need to create designs that show the professionalism of BNI by designing clean, clear, and modern sites where all the information is easy to access and digest. The design must follow a strong branded look, so you know you are on a BNI website. It’s paramount that the branding is on message so that the BNI ethos and brand identity is maintained throughout every BNI website we create, on every single page. 
Steve Vosper, it’seeze design manager 
While BNI branding is very important to the look of the site, it’s also crucial that chapter members feel ownership of the online presence. In order to achieve this, a lot of BNI sites have testimonials, member areas, and spaces where members can showcase their companies. 
All BNI websites need to have a distinctly professional appearance. This helps to keep all chapters on brand and inspires confidence in those visiting their local chapter’s website. Using the organisation branding throughout also reinforces the brand identity and creates cohesion between different sites. 
"To create the BNI Reviews website, I incorporated BNI’s branding throughout, using their brand guidelines. It was important to clearly showcase the case studies of current BNI Members. I created testimonial cards on the homepage to exhibit these personal stories. Overall, the website successfully communicates how effective BNI is for growth within varied business sectors." 
Richard McHugh, it’seeze designer 
“All of the BNI chapters we’ve worked with want their website to feel professional, whilst also having an approachable aesthetic. This is achieved through the use of a varied colour palette, to add playfulness, whilst maintaining hues that tied in appropriately with the business field. We also often incorporate small illustrative elements to give a friendly theme” 
Jess Gully, senior it’seeze designer 

The build 

In most cases, BNI chapters have a clear idea of what they want. This makes the build process fairly straightforward and aids communication between designer and client. In some cases, it’seeze website consultants are also chapter members. This can make the process even smoother. 
“The members of BNI change over time so the ability to easily edit the website was really important and the it’seeze editor is perfect for the job.” 
Ceri Woolway, it'seeze developer 

The results 

Our ongoing relationship with BNI and its chapters shows they’re happy with the results we provide. A large number of the sites we’ve built for BNI are up and running, attracting more businesses to BNI chapters across the UK and Ireland and helping to grow the network even further. 
“We’re very happy with the quality and service from it’seeze. We have a professional, up to date website that’s easy to navigate.”  
Claire Hersant, BNI Chapter President of BNI Diamond. 
“Choosing a website provider seemed like a very daunting task but after speaking with Ian – our local it’seeze consultant – and once he explained the procedure and the packages available, it was made easy to identify exactly what we needed. 
The help and guidance provided was absolutely fantastic and the ongoing support is priceless.  
Thank you.” 
Maria Bulpin, President of BNI Surbiton 
"What you have achieved is a great storytelling online presence for BNI which showcases the business of many of our members. All of this is beautifully designed to be fully accessible. It is closely aligned to the BNI brand and BNI’s global web assets. As a self-service marketing resource we could not have asked for better. On top of this you provide excellent additional training. I will continue to recommend you to people who are looking for cost-effective, great looking, and productive websites for their business." 
Julian Lewis , Executive Director of BNI Berkshire and Wiltshire 
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