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Google is the biggest search engine; millions of people use Google every single day and so it’s important that you have a great profile for the best visibility to your target audience. Google holds 92% of search engine share and with that much clout we want to share some tips to get you started on launching your profile. 
Here are some top tips to follow. 
Mention some keywords that clients may use to find a business like yours, for example if you had a nail salon you would mention the words ‘manicure’, ‘pedicure’ or ‘gel polish’. 
Make sure your questions are answered with the most up to date information, you may not have provided a service 1 year ago that you do provide now when someone asked a question on your profile. 
Add pictures, don’t rely on your clients to add photo’s although this is great and provides a different vision of your business, you will still want to show off your business from your eyes. 
Post regular updates to your Google profile, ideally 3 times a week. Your posts only stay visible on your profile for 6 months. After that they are still on your profile but will be hidden behind a ‘view previous updates list’. 
Build trust and credibility through reviews by gaining legitimate client reviews and responding to them. 
Ensure your profile information is up to date. Potential clients are 70% more likely to visit your profile if it’s all recent content. 
The world’s most visited website is Google, we live in an age where we hear the phrase “Google it” many times a day! By having a Google profile you will also be discoverable on Google maps this improves your local SEO (search engine optimisation) greatly. 
By following the tips provided you can maximise the potential of your Google profile and use the power of Google to connect with your potential clients effectively. Having a Google profile really can make a huge impact on your business in this competitive online world. 
With an It’seeze website, we’ll take care of the complicated stuff. We’ll always ensure your website looks and feels good and that it ranks highly on search engines. Please get in touch if you’d like the text on your website to be reviewed by your local Dublin expert, Steve Taber. 
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