The Importance of Your Business Story 
We’ve all heard the phrase, Know – Like – Trust. When buying into and supporting a business, customers are seeking a connection. They want to know who is working behind the scenes and understand why the person decided to start the business in the first place. This is why it’s important to tell your story, and here are more reasons why. 
Establishing Trust 
Sharing your story with your customers will help them trust you more, you’re allowing them to see you, and not just the brand of the business. They will understand more about why you started the business what your background is and what values you hold. By you being open and honest with your customers, you will build more trust they will know you are credible and you’re finding a common connection. 
Connecting with your audience 
Your customers may have experienced the same problem or issues as you. By sharing your story, you’re allowing others to feel connected with you on a personal level. Say you’re selling a skin care product for acne-prone skin, let your customers know why you’ve chosen to sell these products. Did you suffer from acne and couldn’t find a solution? A lot of the time customers will have the same, if not similar story as you, and are wanting to connect with someone who can relate. Customers love to see and understand the person they are buying from. They are seeking others who hold the same values or understand their needs. By sharing your story, you are allowing them to have a human connection with you, over them just seeing a product or service and purchasing it. 
Stand Out from Your Competitors 
Sharing your story makes you stand out in a crowded market. Many companies will shy away from sharing their story for fear of becoming too personal, share what makes your brand unique, and how you began your business, while sticking to what is comfortable for you personally. Opening up a little doesn’t mean you are unprofessional, it’s all about balance. 
Builds Your Brand 
Every brand has a story, and it’s your choice whether you choose to tell yours or not, but by sharing your story on your website and your social media platforms, you will be recognised more often than other brands that only show photos of a product with no explanation or story. 
Be Memorable 
A customer is 22 times more likely to come back to your website or remember you from reading about your brand and your story. 
Tell the story about how you began the brand, why did you give your business that name? Would you change how you did certain things? We can all learn from other people’s journeys. 
Stories you can tell your customers about. 
Why did you open your business? 
Why did you name it X? 
Why did you decide on your niche? 
What things would you change in the way you started? 
What’s your biggest achievement within your business? 
What makes your products or service stand out from the rest? 
I hope this blog has inspired you to include a little bit more of you and why you’re passionate about the services or products you provide. If you need any help with how to share your story online, please get intouch. 
With an It’seeze website, we’ll take care of the complicated stuff. We’ll always ensure your website looks and feels good and that it ranks highly on search engines. Please get in touch if you’d like the text on your website to be assessed by your local Dublin expert, Steve Taber. 
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